What folks are saying...

"This was an excellent course and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in learning about Robot Framework!"

- Kevin, QA Analyst

Hands-on Exercises

In each lesson, Paul explains and shows and example of a new concept. Then you take on a challenge based on what you've learned.

1.5 Hours

Exactly what you need to move forward testing your we application with Robot Framework. No fluff!

Designed with Feedback

Paul developed this course over the last few years with the help of corporate customers. Customer feedback has made this course a quick, no-frills "on ramp" for those with programming experience and those without.

You will learn to:

- Set up preconditions
- Clean up after a test run
- Reuse variables across tests
- Find web components
- Click links and buttons
- Verify web pages
- Enter text into a form
- Select from a dropdown
- Submit forms
- Customize keywords with arguments
- Return values from keywords
- Manage test data
- And more!


Paul Merrill has used Robot Framework to automate testing since 2010. He is a leading influencer in the test automation space, sought after to train teams, consult with technical leaders, and speak on testing and test automation internationally.

After more than 2 decades of working in the software development space as a tester, software engineer, and leader, he teaches with a perspective on one who has worked with this tool, in the field.

He understands the perspectives and experiences of testers, software engineers, and managers in software development, because he's been each.

Paul has been trusted to develop and deliver this curriculum to hundreds of people by major companies across the US.